Our Approach
WENEW is the premier curator and provisioner of iconic moments. We immortalize culture’s most consequential moments on the blockchain, forever linking celebrated icons and their achievements with the collectors who admire them most. Moments in the WENEW collection are carefully curated with a discerning eye for their significance and impact on a global scale. We recognize that we are handling shared cultural artifacts that affect each individual deeply and differently. Each WENEW moment pays reverence to the figures who made it possible as well as its original cultural context.

In addition to blockchain ownership, depending on the rarity of the token, collectors may receive a Physical Artifact of their WENEW moment. Physical Artifacts are elegantly designed and gallery-ready, featuring high-definition video displays embedded in durable glass casings, reproducing your moment in a physical form and inviting display in your home or office.

Premium moments may also include exclusive access to once-in-a lifetime extras. These range from collectable memorabilia to one-on-one experiences, allowing collectors to enrich their connection to the moment with new memories of their own making.


Every moment in the WENEW collection originates with those who lived it. Their personal authentication, or that of their estates, is essential to WENEW certification, ensuring every moment is directly traceable to its source on the Ethereum blockchain. Through the use of Arweave technology, WENEW moments are also coupled on the blockchain with rich editorial works that provide vital backstory and context.


We are mindful of the environmental impacts of blockchain technology and have partnered with the Open Earth Foundation to establish practices designed to minimize energy-intensive transactions. We are also working to fund initiatives toward a wide array of climate programs, in addition to offsetting our carbon footprint, and are excited to share more details in the near future.